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“It Follows” star Maika Monroe stopped by TheWrap’s offices to talk about David Robert Mitchell‘s creepy horror movie about a sexually transmitted haunting.

The genre film appropriately hits theaters on Friday the 13th following a year on the festival circuit, during which time it earned very strong reviews.

Monroe last spoke to TheWrap at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival where she was promoting “The Guest.” The rising starlet has parlayed her breakout success in these two films into roles in larger movies such as Sony’s “The 5th Wave” and Relativity’s “Tribes of Palos Verdes.”

Watch part one of TheWrap’s interview here. Watch part two here or scroll down.


It Follows star Maika Monroe talks beautiful horror movies, Chloë Grace Moretz – and getting into the dark zone. It Follows is being hailed as an instant horror classic but I hated it because I really don’t like being scared. Good, I like to hear that.

What is the ‘it’ of the title?

I don’t even know what it is. The writer/director David Robert Mitchell told me the idea comes from his nightmare. As a kid he had this constant dream of this thing following him. Sometimes it would be someone he recognised – a friend or family member – or people he didn’t know at all. They would follow him and you could run away but it would always be there.

Since I saw the film sometimes I think people are following me.

Yip, that tends to happen after you watch it. But I guess I’m only imagining it. You don’t know…

Is it more frightening that we never know who or what this relentless, ever-changing thing is and why it wants to catch and kill you?

It moves slowly so you have time to think about what’s happening. That’s the worst. The film has this dreamlike, hazy feel and it’s very elegant and simple. Where most horror movies are so loud and in your face with blood and guts, there is something quite beautiful about it in a terrifying way.

Can you still find a film terrifying if you star in it?

No, not really. It’s hard for me to watch and be able to enjoy it, which is kind of a bummer. I’m just painfully watching myself, thinking this was the most intense five weeks of my life.

Was it so bad?

The character goes to hell and back. Jay is a typical teenager, then she’s thrown into this insane situation and you watch her deal with it and come out a hero. Filming it, I’d always have my headset on with my music playing. I’d be in my own world to stay in that dark zone, since that’s where most of the movie takes place.

What’s on your dark zone playlist?

I was trying to think. I think I blacked out the process of making the movie. I’ve no idea, just some really dark, depressing music.


There you go.

You used to be a professional kiteboarder. Is that something more of us should take up?

It’s an up-and-coming sport. If you want adrenaline in a somewhat easy way, all ages can do it. There are people in their 70s and kids who are 12 kiting, my dad’s kiteboarding and he’s almost 60. You can learn tricks where you’re jumping 30 feet in the air or you can just be riding on a surfboard.

I have trouble just flying a kite so…

That’s a bad start.

Speaking of waves, you’ll be in the adaptation of The Fifth Wave, with Chloë Grace Moretz.

I just wrapped on that. It’s a really popular young adult novel. It’s pretty cool bringing a character from a book to life – I mean it’s a little stressful because you feel pressure from fans – but it’s exciting and it’s such a fun role. Who doesn’t want to play the kickass girl who’s better than all the dudes?

Your character Ringer is a weapons expert, so handy if anything starts following you again.

Exactly, so be scared. I’ll whip out my M4. I’m ready.

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Rhianna chats to Maika Monroe about the making of It Follows … (Screencaps)


It Follows Star Maika Monroe On The Most Chilling Thriller Of 2015. It Follows is looking to be the hottest, most horrific thriller of 2015, garnering five star reviews from every angle. Featuring a young, and up-until-now unknown cast, it stars Maika Monroe as Jay, a 19-year girl who has sex with her boyfriend, only to find that he has passed on a fatal curse – she will be relentlessly followed everywhere and anywhere. We meet 21-year old California girl Maika as she discusses her love for kite boarding, Australia and most of all scary movies.

Grazia Daily: So talk us though It Follows…

Maika Monroe: The director told me the idea came from a nightmare, it was a consistent dream that he had had as a kid. It was this ‘thing’ which would slowly follow him and it was always there and wouldn’t go away. He could run from it and try and get away from it but it would always be there and he had this feeling of dread.

GD: Have you got any recurring nightmares or situations that would make a good horror film?

MM: That’s a good question! I better start paying attention to my nightmares. I have nightmares all over the place and most of them are not even coherent, so it probably wouldn’t make a great movie.

GD:It’s looking to be one of the most buzzed about movies of 2015, how do you cope with the hype?

MM: It’s very odd! I don’t know, I never expected it and it’s been pretty amazing!

GD:But you started off as professional kite boarder?

MM: Yeah! My dad taught me when I was about 13 and so it kind of started from there and I fell in love with the sport. Acting happened when I was about the same age. I grew up doing dance and I think the production company contacted the dance group I was with and they needed young kids as background dancers so I kind of just fell into it by chance.

GD:What kind of movies did you grow up watching?

MM: I remember my dad showing me a lot of old films like One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and the Shining. Those were movies that I loved, the old Star Wars as well. For me I read a script and I look at a character and if it is something that I am interested in doing then I want to do it.

GD:You sound very chirpy on the phone, but do you think you have a dark side that casting directors are seeing?

MM: I am drawn to those darker, weirder roles for whatever reason but I am a happy person! I think with everyone there is a darker side. I think for me it’s very easy to tap in to the darker side in roles and for whatever reason I find those roles more interesting

GD: How dark did it get on set? A lot of directors tend to do some horrible things to their actors…

MM: [Laughs]No we were lucky, we had a very nice director but there were definitely some very creepy places where we were filming which added to that tension. We were filming in Detroit so there were a lot of abandoned buildings and there were a lot of night shoots. There are all these plants, vines and trees are growing over these massive buildings and then you see houses that are burnt down and are just left there. It is quite a bizarre place.

GD: What do you imagine when you’re summoning those fearful looks during the scary scenes?

MM: I never really thought about how difficult it would be to make a horror movie at least as real as possible. I have never experienced running for my life (which is a great thing), and feeling that complete terror, so I guess you just have to try and tap into the darker places in your mind and then the other half is your imagination.

GD: Do you have an escape plan if that was to happen to you?

MM: I would get on a plane and go to Australia! It’s my happy place… Happy, happy, happy!

GD: So what are you working on at the moment?

MM: I just finished production on The 5th Wave which is a young adult novel with a pretty massive fan base so we’re turning that into a trilogy and then up next is a movie called ‘The Tribes of Palos Verdes’ which is a dark drama. I play Ringer – she is the badass of the group which was really fun. There was a lot of training involved, which was probably one of the coolest parts. It takes place now, but in a really insane situation.

GD: Do you feel like you’re going to become Hollywood’s kind of ‘go-to’ action girl?

MM: I’d like that! I didn’t ever think about it, but hell yeah, I hope so!


David Robert Mitchell, the writer/director of new horror film, ‘It Follows’, reveals to us his views on the genre, the decision to cast up-and-coming starlet Maika Monroe, and how the premise is based on a childhood nightmare.

‘It Follows’ may be his debut in the genre, but Mitchell insists he’s always been a big admirer. “I’ve always liked horror ever since I was a kid. I love all kinds of films but I’ve definitely been a big horror fan all my life.”

The premise for the film — an entity that follows a chain of hapless teens around with sinister intent — has been with him from a very young age.

“The basic idea came from a recurring nightmare I had as a kid. I was being followed by a monster that would look like different people — strangers or people I knew – and it was always very slow, but always walking right towards me. I could always get away from it, but it was so disturbing that it was always coming for me.” Essentially, this is the concept behind ‘It Follows’, which is the Michigan-born filmmaker’s sophomore feature. However, the physical transference of this entity (the obvious subtext of this relentless nasty being an STD) is a new addition to his nightmare. “As an adult I thought it’d be fun to have it be passed through sex,” he says. “Physically and emotionally, so I put the ideas together.”

Yet it’s based on a degree of misfortune that ‘It Follows’ even exists today, rather than being a future project set for release a year or two down the line. “I wrote it in 2011 and really quick. When my other project wasn’t happening and we were struggling to find the money — I had intended to do this as my third film — we moved this up as we thought we may have more luck with a genre film and that people would be more willing to pay for it – and this was true!

Starring the fresh-faced Maika Monroe (‘The Guest’), her composed, yet soothing performance is perhaps what holds the film together at its core. “I genuinely believed her,” Mitchell says of his lead when he saw her in action. “There was vulnerability in her performance that made me worry for her, care for her and be concerned for her. There’s something very honest and believable.” And it’s true; Monroe does a fine job of portraying the girl next door type and fits into the horror genre well.

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Maika Monroe discusses 2014 sleeper hit The Guest and new horror flick, It Follows.

With two excellent back-to-back horrors under her belt in The Guest and It Follows, sat in a London hotel Maika Monroe’s demeanour is one fans aren’t used to seeing – specifically, she’s relaxed.

This isn’t to say that Monroe is never like this of course – by all accounts she’s a charming, laid-back individual – but for the characters she plays in 2014 sleeper hit The Guest and new horror flick It Follows, relaxation is not a feeling that’s expressed too often.

For the title of ‘Scream Queen’ – which has been bestowed to a number of impressive actresses over the years – now has a new holder. “Being called scream queen is cool!”, the 21-year-old says. “For me, It Follows and The Guest came just by chance, back to back, and it was not really a conscious decision that I’m doing two horror movies.”

The Guest was predominantly the vehicle of Dan Stevens – himself a burgeoning movie star – but Monroe still managed to leave an impression as the smart and capable Anna. In It Follows Monroe has been promoted to chief protagonist status as Jay, and her talents shine all the more brightly for it. “It was really after seeing David’s [Robert Mitchell, Director] first film The Myth of the American Sleepover that I wanted to do the film because it’s so unique and stylised. Putting a horror film in that kind of world is something very different.”

In both It Follows and The Guest there are a number of instances where Monroe has to depict fear, and rarely has it felt more genuine on screen. “To convey it as real as possible you have to [go to some dark places], as unenjoyable as it can be. You’ve got to mentally go there. A lot of times on set I’ll just have my headphones in, to stay in my own world. It’s only until the weekend when I’m able to shake off that week and go back to being fully me. When I’m filming during the week I stay in that world, which makes it easier for me.”

When asked about the most challenging scene to film, the answer comes surprisingly quickly: “The wheelchair scene was the hardest. It was the last day, and it was very cold that night. The wind was terrible, I was wearing basically nothing. And it was not a pleasant spot.”

That’s not to say no fun was had on set though, no surprise when you consider the camaraderie between Monroe and her co-stars on screen. “All of us bonded pretty quickly. Even the giant was super nice!”

Though her current title may be ‘Scream Queen’, Monroe is conscious of the need to try other things and avoid typecasting: “It’s really cool to see that people are responding to both these films and loving it and being called scream queen is awesome. But the projects in the future are quite different from horror.”

One such project is The 5th Wave, a sci-fi flick which will see Monroe line up with thespians such as Chloë Grace Moretz and Liev Schreiber.

“I just finished filming that. I get to play this super kick-ass character which was amazing. I had fight training, gun training, I dyed my hair black and it was my first studio film so it was all very exciting and kind of different from anything I’ve done. I’m excited for people to see it.”

It’s not hard to envision Monroe starring in a superhero film in the near future, especially with there being more and more options to pick from with each passing year.

“Someone was asking me the other day about Captain Marvel? That would be what I want. Start campaigning me to be Captain Marvel!”

Keep an eye out for the #Monroe4CaptainMarvel hashtag on Twitter soon.


It Follows Review by Peter Bradshaw “sexual dread fuels a modern horror classic”

A friend confessed to me recently that this was the only film to have given him, in adult life, a proper wake-up-sweating nightmare. I don’t think I have ever had a nightmare quite as scary as this film – a modern classic of fear to be compared to something by a young Carpenter or De Palma.

It Follows is from the American director David Robert Mitchell, whose 2010 debut movie, The Myth of the American Sleepover, was a gentle, unthreatening drama about teens and platonic crushes. That was Dr Jekyll to the snarling Mr Hyde of this new one. It genuinely is disturbing.

What Mitchell has given us is a contemporary reworking of ideas from MR James; in particular, his 1911 ghost story Casting the Runes. Jay (Maika Monroe) is a high-school student who has just started to date a nice enough guy called Hugh (Jake Weary); the rest of the time she hangs out with her sister Kelly (Lili Sepe), Yara (Olivia Luccardi) and a shy childhood friend called Paul (Keir Gilchrist) who has long had a hopeless crush on her. Jay’s normal sex life takes its normal course, but then she finds out, too late, that she has been inducted without her knowledge into a supernatural death cult. The sex act means that she will be followed, at a zombie’s walking-pace, by a demon that only she can see, and which will kill her. The only way she can get rid of her pursuer before this happens is to have consenting sex with someone else, and so pass the curse on to them. Her agonies of horror and indecision are compounded by the presence of Paul, piningly ready to protect the person he loves.

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This thing is going to follow you. Somebody gave it to me, and now I passed it to you.” With screenings planned for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, those who haven’t seen the horror flick It Follows at the Cannes Film Festival or elsewhere will finally get to see what all the hype is about. And now a new trailer from across the pond shows off more of the film that will probably scare you from ever having sex again.